2 days trip to Mt. Siguniang and Wolong Panda base

Mt. Siguniang is located 200KM from Chengdu, with an average attitude 3000M +. After the road been reconstructed on 2017, the drive from Chengdu to Siguniang shorted to 3.5 hours from 6 hours. The scenery drive from Chengdu to Siguniang is also breat

8 Days in Siguniang Mountain & Danba Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture Tour

Beautiful, inspiring and forbidding—discover the ancient Tibetan Kham region of Ganzi in western Sichuan. Travel deep into the heart of this land of rugged hillsides, towering mountains, endless grasslands and Tibetan spirituality, culture and beauty

Siguniangshan climbing itineraries

Shuangqiao Valley, taking bus to the Niupengzi Campsite, climb the Abi peak or other peaks in Shuangqiao Valley, hit the peak and back to the campsite in one day.

7 Days Climbing Tour to Mt. Siguniang

Do you feel tired of the hustle and bustle in the cities? Are you nuts about natural scenery? Have you ever conquered a summit more that 5000m? Come and experience the Wild Mountains.

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Among the Henduan Mountains, there are four adjacent peaks that comprise the 450-square-km Siguniang Mountain Range. It is combined with the-Shuangqiao, Haizi, and Changping gullies and the Siguniang Mountain.

Mysterious Mountain

Siguniang Mountain gets its name from a famous local legend. It is said that the place was once hard-hit by chilling northern winds, which devastated the locals' livelihoods.

One day, four sisters from some remote southern region turned into four mountains to shield the place from the northerly attacks. The area then became warm and sunlit, with rich harvests of grains and fruits. In honor of the four sisters' great deed, local people named the mountains after them.

More than 10 snowy peaks surround the four mysterious peaks of the Four-Girl Mountain, among which, the 6,250-meter fourth peak is the highest, second only to the 7,556-meter Gonggar Mountain, which is 'the King of Shu Mountains' in the Sichuan area. The elevations of the first, second, and third peaks are 5,355 meters, 5,454 meters, and 5,664 meters respectively.

Like four girls, the pretty and charming peaks are as white as ice and as pearly colored as jade. The precipice of the fourth peak is so high that nobody has ever climbed it.

Just some 10 years ago the Siguniang Mountain was absolutely isolated from the world. On the mountain, some original ecological scenery is preserved, attracting people to appreciate its mysterious beauty.

Today, the Siguniang Mountain consists of a group of scenic areas and is a multi-faceted tourist site where people can enjoy sightseeing, mountain climbing, exploration, scientific investigation, holidays, and outings


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