10 Days West Sichuan Tibet Highland Adventure

Explore China's Wild West on this 10 day tour through western Sichuan. Start your adventure in Chengdu where you'll depart for the mountains and Tibetan villages of Danba.

8 Days in Siguniang Mountain & Danba Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture Tour

Beautiful, inspiring and forbidding—discover the ancient Tibetan Kham region of Ganzi in western Sichuan. Travel deep into the heart of this land of rugged hillsides, towering mountains, endless grasslands and Tibetan spirituality, culture and beauty

Danba and Siguniang Mountain 4 Days Trip

Destination: Chengdu – Rilong – Haizi Valley – Danba Tibetan village - Chengdu

Danba and Dangling 4 Days Trip

Destination: Chengdu – Rilong – Danba – Dangling - Chengdu

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Danba (known as Rongtrak in Tibet; 1893m) straddles a dramatic gorge near the confluence of three rivers, and makes an interesting alternative to Kangding as a gateway into or out of western Sichuan.

The town itself is not very exciting, but in the surrounding hills are clusters of picturesque Jiarong Tibetan and Qiang villages with ancient watchtowers and welcoming homestays.

The typical buildings here is three-floored with roofs painted black, white and yellow. Buildings in Danba are usually located on the mountain slope of the sunny side. One village consists of dozens of or about hundred of families. The houses of unified style and their beautiful appearance trust out of a landscape of rustic charm, with clean stream, lush wood and a backdrop of snowy mountains. Danba is noted for its “three wonders” which includes Jiaju Tibetan Village, Beauty Valley and watchtowers. Jiaju Tibetan Village is the most beautiful village in Danba and is praised as the fairyland in Tibetan area. Many girls in Danba are beautiful which gives the region a beautiful name – Beauty Valley. The watchtowers are scattered around the county. With unique architecture style, the watchtowers in Dandong are more outstanding than that in other place of Sichuan.

Besides the Tibetan villages around Danba, if you going further, you will find Danba is also a town with highland scenery. Drive west from the town, the attitude starts from 1500M to 4500M. You can reach Yak Valley, Yala Holy Mountain, Dangling Highland lakes and hotsprings in 3 hours. Most scenic spots here are not touched by ourside world. World class landscape waiting you to explore.


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