Xiling Snow Mountain 2 Days Ski Tour

Day1: Chengdu-Xiling Snow mountain (110Km, about 2-3 hours driving) Leave Chengdu for Xiling Snow mountain via Dayi county and Xiling Tunnel, then transfer to the cable way to the Skiing resort. Enjoy different kinds of snow entertainm

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Xiling Snow Mountain

95km away from chengdu, Xiling snow-capped mountain is located in national scenic resort, which is famous for its scenic beauty and mild climate. The traffic is easily accessible with high class cement road connecting chengdu. It takes only 2 hours by bus from chengdu to the resort.

It covers a total area of 482.8 square kilometers with the altitude here between 1260 and 5364 meters (ideal for skiing). The highest temperature here in summer is only 25°c and the lowest in winter is -10°c. The snow-capped season lasts from late November to the end of March the next year. The average depth of snow-capped coverage is more than 60 cm. Due to its sharing the same altitude as well as premium snow-capped quality and snow-capped season with the european alps, xiling, a marvelous spectacle, is billed as the oriental alps.

“from my window the snow-capped-crowned western hills are seen;

beyond the door the east-bound ships at anchor lie.

-------excerpted from a quatrain (tang) Du Fu

The spectacular sight highlights xiling in the du fu’s travel notes in form of eulogy of poem:

thick snow-capped, being white and crystal, is like beams of jade persisting all year round on the

snow-capped mountain towering into sky, for this, xinling turned out to be a brand for such marvelous mountain.

A vast of forest park extends the scenic spot scattering steep cliffs and overhanging crags,countless exotic flowers and rare herbs, raging waterfalls racing down all year round, clouds of sea, sunrise, sunshine casting on forest, meteorological diversity scenery. all this poses a marvelous natural landscape.

With three-dimension climate, xiling for all reasons evolves pattern “enjoy azalea in spring,prevent sunstroke in summer, appreciate maple leaves in autumn and ski in winter; hence, xinling and the first resort of huashuiwan hot-spring make a pleasing scene and by no means gets off to a top brand.


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