Yaks are even bigger here

We have organized a Malaysian photographer group to the core of remote Tibetan area for the best pictures on end of June. Can check out some of the nice photos these guys shot.

Four season have been experienced in a 12 days trip. We’ve got snow, heavy rain, heavy wind, hail, and hot summer in Danba.

It keeps raining very hard in first two days, but we are always the lucky ones, a heavy snow drop has stopped the rain and bring us sunshine after all.

The road to Liso lakes are very very steep, one of our Tibetan driver Miga says that he havent lock four wheel low for so long, 15KM. Only proper off roader which has four wheel low can have a chance to access this place.

The Minya Konka showing his face after the bad winter.

The Liso lake is the main target of this trip, after we got some good pictures here, everyone seems relaxed and not asking for more. But the rest of the trip are so exciting, we have got some best pictures ever. Tagong monastery and Yala Snow Mountain here we come.

The back side of Yala Mountain, Taizhan Valley, no body else, only us.

Danba has some nice village we repeat visiting. The sunset light is amazing.

Mt. Siguniang, 3 hours drive from Chengdu. The final stop on this trip, we arrive in with a hail and leave with a Holy light, what can expect for more?

Group photo to end this page

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