Wolong Panda Center, best ever!

I have been working with ETBU teachers and students as a Panda volunteer in the new Wolong Panda Center for a week. And the new center is so cool, locats in the real habitat of wild Pandas with best facilities.

The hotel is only 100m from the Panda center, we don't need to get up too early like in Dujiangyan base to walk a long way to the base every morning.

Wolong center is still around 20C even in the summer time, we love to do the volunteer here than Dujiangyan center, Dujiangyan is 30C+ at the same time. As usual, we need to be briefed of our job and also some safe guidelines.

Cleaning the Panda poo in the morning, it is acturally not that smelly, I guess maybe because those Pandas are vegeterians?

Make the Panda cake for these Pandas are very interesting, can shape the cakes as we want. Then feed the Panda with your own made cakes.

Feeding the Pandas are always the most exciting part.

There is a documentary film about Panda every noon after our lunch in the center, we can also relax and take a nap at the film room. We did some hikking into the back mountain after the class, and this area is where the wild Panda been released, we can see the real habitate of Pandas. But it is very hard to spot a wild Panda here. We have seen a Golden Pheasant which is also very rare.

After a week working at the center, we have graduated!

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